The Academy offers opportunities for creative self-expression and involvement at every level. Performing Arts can have a profoundly positive impact on pupil’s emotional well-being, offering them a respite from the rigors of academia, whilst still encouraging them to develop vital soft skills. Performing Arts provide an excellent outlet for pupils to explore the issues that affect them on a day-to-day basis.

Through Performing Arts, pupils are encouraged to connect with others, inspiring them to feel and challenging them to think. They also become well-versed in conveying their messages through verbal and non-verbal communication, whilst considering how their work can be perceived from a variety of different perspectives. All of these skills are vital to becoming an effective and respected leader.

Partnership with Birmingham Repertory Theatre

For over ten years, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre has been running a youth theatre group at Small Heath Leadership Academy, and many of our pupils are enthusiastic participants. The group comes together once a week after school to engage in a variety of fun and interactive drama activities. Pupils who participate also have the opportunity to conceive and create their very own plays and productions, set in diverse locations ranging from post-apocalyptic Birmingham to war-torn Iraq. Last year, the group took on the challenge of staging Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet.’

Every production the youth group creates is performed at ‘The REP’ in one of their theatre spaces with professional stage managers, lighting and sound staff, giving pupils the satisfaction and challenge of performing in front of a live audience.

This year, the youth group is creating a new world comedy exploring how society and scientists would react if our world started to shrink. Rehearsals take place every Thursday evening between 3.20pm-4.50pm and new members are always welcome.