Art GCSE is about having an adventurous and enquiring approach to art and design and developing the skills to express it. You will develop an understanding of both historical and contemporary art and design and be able to produce a personal response to a range of ideas and starting points.

The skills you develop doing Art GCSE will be varied. Among them you will develop a working knowledge of the materials, practices and technology of art and design. You will develop the skills to investigate, analyse and experiment using practical and imaginative dexterity to express your ideas, feelings and meanings. The specific practical skills you will develop include a broad range of drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media and ceramics.

Curriculum Overview: Art and Design
Year 7 Year 8
Artist links

•Vincent Van Gogh
•Mark Hearld
• Lucy McLauchlan

•Colour Theory


•Barbara Walker
•Tonal drawing
•Tonal painting

History of Still life

•Angie Lewin

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Introduction of GCSE
AO1 – AO4

•Gillian Wearing
•Jim Goldberg
•Silker Werzinger

Development of sketchbook and final pieces AO1-AO4

•Vincent Van Gogh
•Sophia Drevenstam
•Jean Michel Basquiat
•Grayson Perry
•Mixed media shoe
•Reduction lino print
•Ceramic vessel

Completion of unit 1 sketchbook and final pieces AO1 – AO4

•Barbara Walker
•Large scale tonal self portrait

•Exam Title Project


The GCSE in Art and Design contains two units that are broken down into tasks and activities. There is no written examination at the end of the course. Instead you will have to complete the Unit 1 coursework project over two-years (worth 60% of your final grade) and then for 8 weeks work towards and sit Unit 2, an externally set assignment ending in a ten hour timed exam (worth 40% of your final grade).


All work is marked by the Art teachers and then again by an external moderator.

Exam Board Specification: Edexcel GCSE Art and Design Click here for specification

Enrichment Offer

Intervention to maximise performance and consolidate prior learning is at the heart of our delivery model.

Useful Resources and Revision Support

Student Art Guide
Bitesize Art & Design
Arts Council