Drama allows pupils to develop their intra and inter-personal skills, as well as their social and emotional literacy. Drama, as a curriculum subject, is not solely about creating actors, directors, writers or designers, but rather socially aware young people who can engage with a rapidly changing world. Our aim is to help pupils to explore the world around them and to ignite their creativity, passion and interest in drama and the theatre.

Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of drama practitioners and performance styles. Pupils will also consider aspects of theatrical design, including costume and set design, music and lighting.

Curriculum Overview
Year 10 Year 11
  • Understanding drama – characteristics of performance text(s) and dramatic work(s), including:
    • Genre
    • Structure
    • Character
    • Form
    • Style
    • Language
    • Sub-text
    • Character motivation and interaction
    • The creation of mood and atmosphere
    • The development of pace and rhythm
    • Dramatic climax
    • Stage directions
    • The practical demands of the text


  • Social, cultural and historical contexts
  • How meaning is interpreted and communicated
  • Drama and theatre terminology and how to use it appropriately
  • The roles and responsibilities of theatre makers in contemporary professional practice
  • Set play
  • Live theatre production
  • Devising drama
  • Creating devised drama
  • Performing devised drama
  • Texts in practice
  • Theatrical skills

Internal assessments take place every half-term.

KS4 Exam Board Specification: AQA GCSE Drama (8261)

Enrichment Offer

Intervention to maximise performance and consolidate prior learning is at the heart of our delivery model. Pupils are able to work with the Birmingham Repertory Theatre after school to develop their skills and learn to work with new people across the school.

Useful Resources and Revision Support